Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jennifer Marie Shaw

Jennifer Marie Shaw:
'via Blog this' Seating here thinking of him , he might be miles away but hes truly here. I wonder often if this is real how could someone this perfect of me really exist. But, its so real hes so amazing when my days r at there worst when i hear speak everything goes away jt by his voice. Everyone should be this blesses to have something so true, no jealously, no dough, just the ultimate bliss of true love. My one love , miles separate us but our hearts will always be....

Monday, August 29, 2011

jt thinking

I seat around wondering if this could be a dream how could a man be this amazing ...he sees my faults and still remains to love me....4 me a girl who is strange different, i mean i know im a good person or try to be, but sometimes my good can be a curse strong but weak , 2 freakishly goal organized, to independent, but need help and to strong willed to ask, i but others b4 myself , i take n alot then finally blow, i tell the truth even if it hurts , i hope and pray this love never ends he's miles away...and he love is all that keeps me grounded ...this amazing man is the light that burns n side me 2 be the me i love...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To u Baby....

I didnt ever imagine how tough it would be
to have u so very far away from me. 
I miss your smile and your lips i love to kiss,
so soft and kissable. I want them against mine
I miss your arms around me so tight, 
I wish i could feel your body next to mine tonight.
I miss gazing into those amazing blue eyes, 
in them i found my soulmate and my true love.
He told me how this really would feel
missing you is so unreal. 
Not having you close to me and miles away,
its crazy, its night here and there its day
for now we are living very differnt lives
i often wonder how we can survive.
But with our short talks, emails and web cams 
 even if its jt three short words i love u...our love still grows.
Id sit here and wait a lifetime and even forever,
just to feel one more touch from my loving soldier.
I love you and im so proud to be your woman future wife, 
I couldnt imagine me in any other life. ur my one love
Youve made me whole and my world complete
without you in my life my heart would have no beat
God truely has blessed my soul,
he gave me you and made me whole
from my heart to yours, this much is true
my love, my hero, my soldier, my forever you


♥ ♥ i can’t say i’m proud of my life, bt i can say i’m proud that i’ve learned. i’ve learned that i can’t rely on e/o, bt i can’t expect e/o 2 hurt me. i no sum things don’t work out, bt i know e/t that has has been 4 the better. i can’t guarantee i’ll be able 2 walk around w a smile, bt i nowhere i’ve been and where i’m going. i no who i am and who my fds R. i’ve had some tough stuff thrown at me, bt i’ve gotten by. i’m not 1 2 complain so i’ll keep tryin & n the end, i’ll know i did my best♥ ♥ "

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Missing U
laying there with your arms around me i felt so comfortable and safe. my heart was beating a mile a minute having you so close to me. as you played with my hair and kissed me i couldn’t help but smile straight from my heart. i could see how much you cared from the look in your eyes. it made me never want to let you go. to just stay wrapped in your arms forever. where nothing else matters but you and me and the love that last forever....